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User and Workspace Management

Our Concept

We understand our clients customers should be able to manage their own users to ease effort of support. Because we cater to B2B SaaS and we are B2B2B SaaS as well. We understand the importance of enabling everyone to be self-sufficient.

When providing a platform as opposed to an analytics tool, you need to be mindful of context. Many users need to work within different context and security scope. We've given this a lot of thought and are providing a great deal of flexibility to make this happen.

Not only have we considered the context within our own platform, but also the crazy ways data can be setup in many of your environments.

We've been creative again, and we've found that by crossing good security with some simple levels of context, we can do some pretty amazing things. Users on our platform can cross domains and workspaces. They can also be locked down to domains and workspaces. Datasets can exist across or within workspaces. Within this type of model, we can apply complex security for any workspace. This type of consideration provides an nth degree of customization and flexibility.

Domains and Workspaces

We've modeled Quick Intelligence with a top level workspace which is your domain level. You have full control in this environment. Domain level users can create domain level dashboards and datasets that can be seen across all work spaces (Data is securely separated). Or you can create your own datasets within your own workspace. Domain level users also have full control in any underlying workspaces (when provided the access).

Within workspaces, is where your clients exist. They can only see their own data and dashboards or domain-level dashboards that have been shared with them. What nice is each workspace can have thier own admin who could add and manage users and create workspace level datasets etc.

Multi-Workspace Assignment

User definitions exist outside of everything, (kind of like Slack). It's security that drives access. With this model, Users can have access to multiple workspaces if given that access. The shape of your setup is very specific to you and your requirements.

Multi-Domain Assignment

Users also exist outside of domains (again, like slack). This would allow companies to create multiple domains but have users login once and easily switch enviroments as needed.

RBAC Security Policies

Our RBAC control is a very powerful feature. This allows the platform a great deal of flexibility around security. Some of your clients may have very simple security requirements while others may be quite large with international regions and branches or even global. All of this complex security can be managed within a single workspace if needed. Just create the poilicies that match the requirements for that client and away you go. They can even manage this themselves.