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Quick Intelligence

Quick Intelligence by Trillabit is a new way of looking at your data. It lets you free your organization's intelligence providing access to the right information at the right time. We call this Search Based Analytics.

No more waiting for a team of experts to design, build, and test each question you have about your business, let alone the related second and third area of interest you might have. Traditionally, the “analytics pipeline” (relying on data scientists, engineers, and IT resources) gets results - but is predictably slow. Quick Intelligence does what it says... gets you the answers you are looking for quickly. It’s more like what we have been accustomed to in our daily lives when we look for directions, recommendations, the best products or services - we simply use the search bar, and get the answer to our immediate question. Then we can use the insights gained from that initial search to answer the next question or drill deeper into comparisons and discover new insights. This is the way of the future for analytics.

The promise of useful data

The world has changed and is moving fast. With Quick Intelligence you get answers to the questions that can keep you ahead of your competition and what’s coming next. Cloud based and low/no code, Quick Intelligence is ready to help you realise the promise of useful access to your data that has been “just around the corner” for decades.

Merchant Dashboard

The following pages will give you a high-level overview of some of the most important Quick Intelligence features.