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Globally Observable Data

Our Concept

Data should be accessible.

GOD Mode (Globally Observable Data).

Global Observable Data.

We at TrillaBit understand that B2B SaaS companies need secure accessibility to all client data in order to support your clients.

This is a powerful feature that you may not have thought about. So let us explore this a little. You may have many clients using your solution. Are you aware of who might getting getting value from it and who is struggling? Are there ways to learn from those clients with the best results and apply those learnings to other clients, making your solution more valuable to them?

As a B2B SaaS company you do have a micro-market with valuable cross-client insights that you might be able to either monetize (this isn’t information they can gather within their own environment) or leverage to include in your product. Create further value for your clients. A competitive edge on your own competition.

This type of insight might also reduce churn. Those who are not really using your solution, may be more likely to churn. GOD-mode is a means to being proactive with your clients.


Cross-client insights can put you in the drivers seat as a subject matter expert with your clients data. You can see how they are performing and possibly support them better. Adding a great deal more value to your offering.


Knowing how your clients are performing in relation to each other may guide you in rescuing some and promoting others as high performers within your product. There is a great deal that can be utilized when providing valuable insights

Monetization / Benchmark opportunities

A B2B SaaS is a micro-market. Having insights across the market is always valuable to individuals within. They can't get this themselves. Further analytics can be created such as market benchmarks. The ability to know and tell your clients, "Your a market Leader!", or "Your above the median" is a powerful capability.

These types of insights can also lead to data monetization. Often market reporting can be monetized in quarterly reports. The market rose or fell in the past quarter by x%. Providing expert advise along with statistical proof can create an additional revenue stream.