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Embedding and Branding

Our Concept

Embedding should be easy. We cater to B2B SaaS after all. Along with embedding we allow for management via APIs.

This is a basic necessity. After all, we’re providing a platform to allow you to deliver your analytics to your clients. How are you going to do that without embedding and branding?

In a nutshell you can use your logos, colors and fonts. You can even brand down at the workspace level for those with special needs.

What TrillaBit does differently here is allowing for embedding and an independent UI at the exact same time. Our solution resides in the cloud. The data is with you but we’ll store the metadata and functionality. So we also provide a full UI. Just point to your data and away you go!

You can embed the whole UI, and you can embed individual dashboards you’ve created (with data). Everything is available in both your product and in the TrillaBit control panel. It’s all the same thing really.

APIs are available for full embedding control. Creating workspaces and users and access. Kinda like cloud providers, you can create and control via API or through the control panel. It’s all up to you.

Fully Embedded

TrillaBit has built an entire UI that can be used independently. From our own url, Users can start creating as soon as some metadata exists. This means dashboards and analysis can occur even before you've fully embedded anything into your own product.

The ultimate goal is a symbiotic relationship with your product. We want to be your analytic solution within your product. So of course our UI is embeddable.

If you want the full self-service end user experience for your clients, you can embed our entire UI with full functionality.

Dashboard Embedding

We undestand some B2B SaaS want to have a greater amount of control and direction for your clients. In this scenario, only dashboards need to be embedded. With this embedding, Users can't edit and create their own dashboards, but they can drilldown into further insights and export data based on what you've put together for them. The ultimate guided experience.

Widget Embedding

The Widget is lowest grain of embedding. Often just a single graph is required in a UI to accompany some operational form. This may provide the look and feel you need to deliver just the right information in your product to create value.


Of course the TrillaBit standalone UI has all means of administration with the proper security. When you embed you don't always want to do admin in a manual way. Actually it's just the opposite. When embedding you need to do many things in an automated way for that seamless single product feeling. Our APIs will facilitate these crucial requirements for that desired end result. Things like adding, removing users and passing additional filters on data.