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Dynamic Dashboards

Our Concept

A dashboard is just a grouping of things we want to pay attention to. Why separate out exploration? You should be able to get to what you want quickly and without limitation beyond security.

True self-service

Like our smart designer, we feel dashboards should be flexible, fast and easy.

This is where you can get business insights from your data. Dashboards have a title and a collection of data visualizations grouped together to support decision making. Dashboards are pre-configured using the Quick Intelligence Designer but can be modified to meet your current needs.


Visualizations can be single KPIs, charts, or tables. Any of the visualizations can be edited with their ... menu. With the show legend button you can see more context or make more space for the visualization.

By clicking on any items in the visualization, you can either see a further breakdown of data or drill-down into the underlying data.

As you drill-down into your data you can return to any previous level using the Export to .png feature. In addition to exploring your dashboard data using drilldown, you can rearrange dashboard visualizations with resize and drag-and-drop. You can also export the underlying data to Excel or Sheets using the .csv format or save your visualization to .png format to use later.

Another great thing about dashboards is that you can use them in Quick Intelligence or embed them in your own app or web page.

Drill Down

Example of bringing your data to life

You start with the Cloud Cost Explorer dashboard...


If you click on one of the months in the Total Monthly Cost by Product visualization you will see a more detailed breakdown of the cost by product for that month. If you then select one of the products and drill-down by instance type, you will see the following breakdown for each type of instance.


You can then drill down by region or another meaningful attribute. ... and so on, extracting new business insights and imagining new questions you want to go back and ask of your data.

Multiple Levels of Access

Dashboards are conveniently avialable to various levels of your organization including

  • Domain Level
  • Workspace Level
  • or sepecific to individual users with User Level Dashboards

Dashboard Formatting

You can re-arrange the layout of the dashboards with simple drag-and-drop.

Date Picker

Applied to all configured QI, Range and Grain, ease of time navigation.

Dashboard Sharing

If you feel that a dashboard you've created would be useful to others, you can share your configuration easily with your team.

Easy Access To Designer/Explorer

If you like your dashboard but want to see something a little different, simply select the edit button on a visualization and you have full access to the designer. From there you can edit the original, or save your changes as a new card.