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Analytics Cards - coming soon

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TrillaBit is enabling Analytic Cards for dashboards.

Analytic Cards

Analytic cards are used by leading SAAS platforms. Essentially they are a combination of metrics displayed in a way that’s easy for end users to quickly understand, and in some cases further explore their data within some context.


Here you can see an example of a Shopify Analytic Card. Note there are multiple Kpis shown with different labels and related comparison indicators. At the bottom is a trending graph with a comparative lighter trend line. The time frame for all of the KPIs and Trends on the card are driven from a common dashboard datepicker (which is another great TrillaBit Quick Intelligence feature).

These usually only provide fixed functionality and don't allow end users to create their own versions. Products like Shopify have prebuilt these within their own context and what users can modify is limited to predefined configurations.

Trillabit has figured out a way for end-users to easily create and publish groups of analytics for other users as self-service.

We’re not just building out flat cards like many products have done. We've given our cards all the same capabilities and drilldown to raw data that you find throughout our product. Analytics shouldn’t stop at the first result, you’re going to want to dig and see what’s really going on. What makes up that result and where the most interesting insights are coming from.

A distorted mockup for ip purposes

For B2B SaaS providers, this capability enables Product Owners to quickly produce meaningful and user friendly dashboards for their clients on the fly or for their “out-of-the-box” analytic solutions.

But we’re not stopping at one type of card. TrillaBit is enabling a library of cards to choose from so you or your clients can quickly and easily build out your ultimate dashboards and cards without the need of costly development pipelines.


Let us explain a little around why we feel our general approach is important.

TrillaBit’s vision is to make data easily accessible to everyone.

Strategic Necessity

Implementing analytics in B2B SaaS products is crucial for empowering end users with actionable insights and improved decision-making. Not only does this enhance user engagement through interactive dashboards and customizable reports, but it also enables product improvement through feedback loops and understanding user behavior.

The competitive advantage gained from offering advanced analytics, coupled with revenue growth opportunities and improved customer retention, makes it a strategic necessity. Moreover, timely access to data is essential, ensuring that users can make quick, informed decisions and react promptly to market changes, ultimately driving success for both the end users and the SaaS company.

Timely Answers

Timely access to answers directly impacts B2B SaaS end users' ability to make informed decisions and stay competitive. In rapidly evolving business environments, quick access to data insights enables users to seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and adapt strategies swiftly. Timely answers allow users to respond quickly to changing circumstances, whether it's identifying market trends, understanding customers, or optimizing operational efficiency. This agility fosters innovation, improves productivity, and ultimately drives success for their businesses. Moreover, in today's fast-paced world, where every moment counts, the ability to access timely answers ensures that users can make the most of their valuable time and resources, leading to better outcomes and a stronger competitive edge.

Benefits to B2B SaaS

Providing analytics in B2B SaaS products not only benefits end users but also offers substantial advantages for the SaaS companies themselves. By demonstrating return on investment (ROI) and showcasing the measurable impact of their product through analytics, SaaS companies can build trust, credibility, and long-term relationships with clients. These analytics demonstrate the tangible value that the SaaS product brings, illustrating cost savings, revenue increases, efficiency improvements, and other key performance metrics. Through clear ROI metrics and reports, clients can see the direct correlation between using the SaaS product and achieving their business goals, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and potentially upsell opportunities. Additionally, by understanding how clients are using the product through analytics, SaaS companies can further tailor their offerings, optimize features, and develop targeted solutions, ensuring on-going delivery of value. Ultimately, providing analytics for ROI not only strengthens the SaaS company's position in the market but also solidifies its role as a trusted partner in its clients' growth and success.

Guidance from Power Users and SMEs


While enabling data exploration for everyone through drilldown to raw data and search based querying with immediate visualizations, we’ve learned that many end users still need a great deal of guidance.

In B2B SaaS companies and specifically the power users within the organization, there exists a deep understanding of the businesses intricacies and needs. These individuals take on the pivotal role of preparing data in a manner that is easily consumable and actionable for their colleagues or clients, who may not possess the technical acumen to create them themselves. This involves translating complex datasets into user-friendly dashboards, selecting pertinent key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with specific objectives, and crafting visualizations that resonate with the business goals at hand. These power users are instrumental in delivering templated data visualizations that empower their colleagues or clients to explore and make informed decisions without the need for extensive data manipulation or analysis. This strategic approach ensures that end users, with their own grasp of business context, can effortlessly consume and derive thier own personal insights from the configured visualization or card. Ultimately, this collaborative effort and culture of data-driven decision-making enables entire organizations to leverage data effectively and achieve their desired outcomes.

Revolutionizing Dynamic Dashboard Creation

With a self-service tool such as TrillaBit Quick Intelligence combined with Analytic Cards to provide guidance, we are revolutionizing the dashboard creation process. Power users can use these cards as templates for individual KPIs or groups of KPIs within dashboards - swiftly and effortlessly assembling impactful, intuitive data visualizations. By following the layout and design principles of the proven products like Shopify and others, Analytic Cards guide users through selecting relevant comparative metrics, choosing suitable chart types, and arranging visualizations for maximum clarity and impact. With features like guided drilldown, color palettes, and layout options, power users can easily customize the cards to suit their specific needs. This approach not only streamlines the dashboard creation process but also ensures that even users with limited design or technical skills can produce polished and insightful presentations. The results give power users and non-technical business analysts the ability to quickly generate compelling, user-friendly dashboards for clear communication of insights and informed decision-making within their organizations.

We will keep you posted on further developments of Analytic Cards other exiting upcoming features. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].




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