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We are very excited about the year ahead as we bring out more advanced capabilities, manage strong growth, and support our existing customers.

It's a new year and a new look. We've been busy improving our product with better UI, geocoding support, and more.


The Trillabit Team

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ß TrillaBit Quick Intelligence is a robust SaaS platform for reporting and business intelligence, utilizing the power of ClickHouse for fast scalable results. Today's reporting tools are simply not dynamic enough for users to ask new questions and get results back immediately. Not without having to go through a timely and costly development life-cycle.

BI Lifecycle

They also commonly depend on expensive expertise to implement, maintain, and run the supporting systems. When development teams want to spend time on new and exciting creations, they're often pulled back into a business user's new question. They are then forced to build out the new query and KPI, QA it, deploy it, so that the business user can finally see it. Once they see the results they have even more questions which keeps this vicious and costly cycle going.

Working with ClickHouse

ClickHouse wasn't TrillaBit's first love. Solr originally caught TrillaBit's eye. Why not?! TrillaBit is a search-driven analytics platform, so why not use a search-driven data backend. Solr is capable of some levels of data aggregation, the models are dynamic and the indexing is ideal for search purposes. However, TrillaBit soon ran into a number of challenges. Solr, being a key-value store is more suited to search than it is to high volume aggregation or data compression for performance. Its query language isn’t as broad or established as SQL. It doesn’t handle joins well and is not ideal for managing data. TrillaBit experienced far too much pain managing and getting Solr to perform at scale. So when TrillaBit’s eyes began to wander, ClickHouse showed the most potential as an alternative.
TrillaBit quickly found a new favourite. ClickHouse has a huge number of built-in functions, supports data clustering and is built for both data management and analytics. It handles joins and materialized views with ease. The different table engines [ReplacingMergeTree, AggregatingMergeTree, MergeTree, S3 table engine] all help with different data management use cases for different client needs. The community version is Free and helped TrillaBit get started at a minimal cost As TrillaBit grows, ClickHouse is able to keep pace with the ClickHouse Cloud. Helping even data experts like TrillaBit scale and manage their clusters.

Exploring your ClickHouse data with Quick Intelligence

TrillaBit is solving the BI Assembly line problem in a cost-effective way. The Quick Intelligence platform allows users to ask a question in a search bar and get immediate visual answers. Example Question: Total Sales by Sales Rep Last Month Utilizing ClickHouse because of its incredible performance at scale, it finds the data and instantly graphs it for you. Once you visualize the data you can easily drill down into the area of interest to uncover further insights and expose record level detail at any point. A metadata driven system allows business users to explore data in their own way, asking new questions and getting immediate answers in seconds.

Quick Intelligence Features

Save and Share

When users find something interesting and valuable in their data, they often want to save and share with others, either inside or outside the tool. There are many ways to do this. Creating dashboards on the fly and sharing them with individuals or groups is one way. With Quick Intelligence, this is as simple as pinning visualizations to a dashboard or creating a new one in seconds.

Users can also export their KPIs as images for PowerPoint presentations, word or email. You can also drill right down to the underlying raw data and export it to Excel to share with a colleague.

Quick Intelligence Features Quick Intelligence Dashboard

To Embed or not to Embed

Companies that want to use this functionality as their own have the option to embed Quick Intelligence into their own product. They can skin it to look like their own brand or to look like any of their client’s brands at the account level. Other companies who want to use this internally are able to have all of this functionality in a standalone UI. Additionally Standalone and embedded are available in a single implementation. For the best of both worlds.

Quick Intelligence Share1 Quick Intelligence Share2

Security and scale

TrillaBit Quick Intelligence utilizes ABAC policy control. It allows for multi-tenant within multi-tenant capabilities and can secure data for many departments. A large part of the backend scalability comes from the efficient performance of ClickHouse. Whether it's YOUR ClickHouse environment, the ClickHouse cloud or have TrillaBit manage everything, the product is versatile and able to handle several configurations. TrillaBit scales to IoT and network level traffic speed and size of data, trillions of rows. Providing real time analytics.

Getting Started with TrillaBit on ClickHouse

TrillaBit is an enterprise grade platform. If you have ClickHouse already, TrillaBit can connect to it and you’ll be up and running in no time! TrillaBit is metadata driven, so the only thing required is the data. If you’re looking to run your own data warehouse in ClickHouse and have TrillaBit run on that, just let TrillaBit know. They’ll work with ClickHouse and guide you through the whole process. If you want to be completely hands-off, TrillaBit can handle the end-to-end process for you. Your business users or clients will be able to just start exploring on their own and gathering insights. sPlease feel free to reach out: [email protected]