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Meet Trillabit

Our Story

TrillaBit is founded by Senior Technologists. Data Architects and Engineers with decades of experience in large scale enterprise platforms.

​ Time and again we have experienced short comings with data accessibility through existing tools. They were either too expensive or simply didn't provide the functionality we needed.

So we've built our own. We've built it smart, flexible and affordable!

Our Vision

Data should be easily accessible to everyone!

We don't mean, let everyone see your data lol!

When you want to see your data, you shouldn't have to jump through hoops and deal with many layers of your IT team and wait for weeks to get it. Your data should be available to you NOW!

Your business is moving fast and you need to make decisions fast! Why should you wait?!

Our Technology

TrillaBit is a cloud based platform. Highly configurable and scalable at any level.

Implementation is designed to be flexible. You can embed and brand your analytics in your internal apps or in your SaaS product to make it your own. You can use it standalone for internal departments or for your mobile force.

You can use shared environments to cut costs or dedicated environments for something really big!

Whatever your needs, we'll assure it fits and we're affordable!