01 / FAST

User - Just search your data and instantly get visual results. Create Dashboards in seconds. Fast response times at scale.

IT - Self-service BI at it's finest. Allows you to focus on innovation. Just load data and let the users take over from there.


Multiple departments? odd security scenarios? Saas company with multiple tenants? Tenants with complex hierarchy? Require SSO? no worries!

Quick Intelligence handles your complex security scenarios with policy based ABAC controls. It allows for complex security configurations easily.

03 / EASY

Just Load Data!

All data discovery is dynamic metadata driven. No Code/Low Code means no developers required. Once data is loaded, your users can finally explore their data on-demand. No More waiting weeks for changes to dashboards or reports!

Quick Intelligence support hundreds of data sources for your convenience. Even IoT sensor data or Network traffic can be streamed and visualized in real time! .